The Churchill Bow Tie: Where to Buy and How to Tie

The bow tie has always been a symbol of sophistication and class. From an Oscars after party to a royal ball at Buckingham Palace, one will always see the upper-crust of society sporting brilliant bow ties. Winston was no exception.


You don’t get any more upper-crust than T-Swift

As a young man Churchill, like any other aristocrat, wore his fare share of bow ties when necessary. Later on in life though, he took on his signature blue and white dotted bow tie as a tribute to his father, Lord Randolph Churchill (who wore a similar styled bow tie).

A portrait of Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston's father

A portrait of Lord Randolph Churchill

Winston’s particular bow tie was crafted by renowned British craftsmen at Turnbull & Asser. For anyone interested in a more affordable product, I recommend looking into similar styles offered by Pinch & Pull Accessories and

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.52.50 PM

Now onto the hard stuff. When I first attempted tying a bow tie it felt akin to what I imagine defusing a bomb or conducting open heart surgery is like.

The struggle is real

The struggle is real

The best way to master this skill is to simply practice it over and over and over (did I mention and over) again. Below are 9 steps to tying bow tie (thanks to for their helpful gifs).

Step 1: Tie sizing

Before you start tying your bow tie you need to make sure it is set at the correct length. All you need to do is look at the back of the tie and slide the metal clasp into the slot that matches your collar size. Not all bow ties are created equal so you may need to have some ties set at different lengths in order to fit properly.


Step 2: Tie Placement

Next you need to place the tie around your neck with the right side being about two inches lower the the left.

tumblr_mgqppeRqdo1qlvt53o2_250 (1)

Step 3: Cross Over

Now you need to cross the right (longer) side over the left (shorter) side.


Step 4: Pull Behind

After crossing over, pull the right side back under the left side and though the hole at the top of your collar.


Step 5: Fold

Take the left side and fold it horizontally behind the right side at the top.

tumblr_mgqppeRqdo1qlvt53o5_r1_250 tumblr_mgqppeRqdo1qlvt53o6_r1_250

Step 6: Pinch

Now pinch both ends of the left side together so that they are pointing away from your chest.


Step 7: Pull

The trickiest step of all, pull the right side up to the left of you collar and shove it in the middle through the ties hole.


Step 8: Adjust

Put your index fingers through the looped pieces of clothe on each side while pulling the single pieces away from each other, creating a smaller knot in the center.


Step 9: Look like a Grade A Gentleman

No explanation needed

giphy (4)


8 thoughts on “The Churchill Bow Tie: Where to Buy and How to Tie

  1. Hannah Grubb

    Love your blog Brandon! I appreciate how even though your topic centers on a historical figure you manage to speak to a modern-day generation with your GIF’s and sense of humor. Here’s to many generations of Churchill fans!

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