Churchill’s 5 Favorite Drinks

Next to smoking cigars and wearing bow ties, Churchill was man who enjoyed a good drink. As his famous quote goes

My rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them.

Here are his top 5 drinks.

1. Dry Martini


Churchill’s version of a good martini was quality Plymouth Gin poured over a glass of ice. Vermouth was something he only enjoyed looking at while drinking his martini at the bar.

2. Claret


A day would not pass in Winston’s life without a few glasses of claret. He would always have a healthy stock available at all times.

3. Whisky


Surprising Churchill’s preferred brand of whisky was one easily available to most men, Johnny Walker Red Label. Winston’s method of drinking his whisky was just as odd as his brand choice. He would pour a little Johnny Walker into a glass and fill it with water. This habit came from Winston’s time in Egypt where the only two choices of drink was dirty water or dirty water with whiskey.

4. Brandy


Unlike his taste in Whisky, Churchill’s taste in Brandy was nothing but high class including Hinel’Hertier de Jean Fremi-court,Prunier, and Ararat Cognac (a present from Stalin).

5. Champagne


No post about Churchill and drinking would be complete without mentioning champagne. Like claret, Pol Roger champagne was a daily staple in his life. Churchill was so devoted to the brand that upon his death, Odette Pol Roger bordered all bottles black and released a special Winston Churchill line in 1984.

Thanks to The Telegraph for their helpful article! Check out their brilliant video of Harry Wallop’s attempt to drink like Churchill!


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