Davidoff Cigars Winston Churchill Line Review: The Aristocrat

Recently Davidoff Cigars released a new line of blends inspired by Sir Winston Churchill. Davidoff’s official website describes the cigars “as complex as the man himself.”

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 6.25.21 PM

I teamed up with Charlie Freeman, my good friend and writer for Fine Tobacco NYC, in order to gain an expert opinion on one particular blend, The Aristocrat.


Charlie came prepared sporting a brilliant Churchill bow tie

The reason I wanted Mr. Freeman’s opinion of The Aristocrat is because it is the only Churchill vitola (size) in Davidoff’s collection. Taking one look at the finely crafted cigar, Freeman described it’s wrapper (an Ecuadorian Rojiza) as “flawlessly constructed with no veins and smooth to the touch.”


Once lit, Freeman described The Aristocrat’s draw as “superb with just enough resistance.” Though the ash was easily lost (something Churchill would not be a fan of) the cigars burn was “unusually even” producing fine, thick clouds of smoke.

Churchill would compete with his daughter Mary to see who could maintain a longer ash

Churchill would compete with his daughter Mary to see who could maintain the longest ash

Freeman had a high opinion of The Aristocrat’s slow burning smoke.

It is a rich smoke, being just strong enough to experience the fullness of it’s flavor without being overpowering but also smooth and creamy, having an excellent balance of dryness (from the Dominican filler) and wetness (from the Nicaraguan filler).

Freeman went on note it’s flavor as “toasty with elements of light wood, walnut and an unmistakable note of sugar.”

Overall, The Aristocrat is a fine cigar that does a brilliant job honoring the life and tastes of Sir Winston Churchill. Find the nearest provider of Davidoff cigars here to pick up your own cigar from their Winston Churchill collection!


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