Churchill’s Style

Winston Churchill had a unique sense of fashion. Barry Singer’s brilliant book Churchill Style provides an extensive analysis of Churchillian fashion. Three items in particular are worth noting.

1. The Bow Tie


As mentioned in an earlier post, Churchill’s signature navy blue and white polka dot bow tie (from Turnbull and Asser) was a tribute to his father, Lord Randolph Churchill.

2. Short Top Hat


Commonly mistaken as a bowler hat, Churchill would frequently be seen in a short top hat made by Scott & Co. Singer notes how this style of hat was “more common to the Edwardian age.”

3. The Siren Suit

Winston Churchhill wearing his siren suit.

Nothing but class

By far Churchill’s most well known fashion statement, his siren suit (also made by Turnbull & Asser) was a zip-up made out of one piece of fabric. Singer describes how “Churchill’s siren-suit was a fashion apotheosis of simple practicality and comfort.” Winston’s children called them his “rompers.”


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