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The World Without Winston: Introduction

A few day’s ago my alma mater, The King’s College, held it’s graduation ceremony. I’d first like to congratulate the class of 2016!

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At King’s, seniors are required to submit a final project or paper before graduating. Can you guess what mine was on?

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If you guessed Winston Churchill congratulations, you’ve won absolutely nothing! Specifically my final paper tackled the question “what would have been the Second World War’s outcome without Churchill’s leadership?”

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Over the next few weeks I’ll post segments from my paper “The World Without Winston: How One Man’s Life Impacted the Second World War.” This introduction sets a fictional scene for my question and outlines the whole paper. Enjoy!

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“Mr. Churchill, for God’s sake keep still!” Lieutenant Francis Napier Clavering screamed at the former politician “you’re going to get yourself killed!” Ever since Winston Churchill arrived on the Western Front, joining the 6th Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers ranks, Clavering had been exhausting himself keeping the old warhorse from death. “I admire Winston’s desires to redeem his honor lost because of Galipoli”[1] Clavering wrote in his journal “but lately his actions have simply seemed suicidal.”


Churchill (center-sitting) with the 6th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers

Churchill was a man from a different era. His military experience–in his mind–was from a time when opponents fought with honor and respect. Churchill’s presence on the Western Front reflected a similar madness to Cervantes’s Don Quioxte, a man trying to live within a world long gone.

“Come Clavering, we’re going to survey no-mans-land” Winston declared. “We must push forward against the enemy!” “Sir, I don’t think we shou…” Clavering began before Winston stormed away to fetch supplies. Clavering begrudgingly followed suit.

Elbow deep in mud, Clavering was doing his best to keep up with Winston’s surprisingly quick pace. Winston, clad in specialty rubber boots and waterproof overalls, was able to efficiently maneuver through the harsh terrain of no-mans-land. “Sir…” Clavering began, taking a moment to catch his breath “can we rest for a bit?” With a loud gruff, Churchill replied, “Stop now! We have only just begun! Have courage and push for…” At that moment Winston’s powerful body collapsed and fell limp. Clavering scrambled over to check Winston’s pulse, only to discover he was dead.


Anyone with basic knowledge of 20th century history knows that this did not happen. Winston Churchill lived through his time on the Western Front, going on to lead Great Britain through the Second World War and victory against Hitler. What would have happened if Winston had actually died during World War 1, before his moment of glory? The simple answer is utter chaos. No other politician had the specific set of experience and skills necessary to lead Great Britain through The Second World War.


This series will be separated into three posts. The first will argue why, with Churchill gone, Lord Halifax would be chosen as Prime Minister. Post two will look into how Halifax would seek peace with Hitler before The Battle of Britain and it’s disastrous outcome. Finally the imminent spread of Hitler’s empire will be outlined.


[1] Churchill played a vital role as First Lord of the Admiralty in Great Britain’s failed Gallipoli Campaign of World War 1, costing the lives of over 250,000 soldiers.